After School Clubs

Our after school clubs develop confidence and self-esteem. They allow students to be creative whilst still being in their school environment. We welcome all children from all backgrounds, and have a strong focus on equality and diversity.

We work closely with parents and schools to make sure that all the children have a fun and positive experience, whilst supporting them in their development and growth. Not only do we offer children a creative space where they can develop their imaginations and creativity, but we also use performing arts games and techniques to teach them life skills. For those who want to take performing arts further, we work with the child and parents to support this and offer regular opportunities to get involved with our community based classes, holiday clubs and projects.

Once students have left primary school, they regularly move into our community classes and attend holiday clubs to continue their journey with us. Our teachers are trained in performing arts and teaching, and our classes regularly compliment the school curriculum, focusing on texts regularly read in schools and the development of speaking and listening skills.

Maintaining our values are important to us and we welcome all children and young people from all walks of life. Our staff are DBS checked, trained in safeguarding and in working with students with Special Educational Needs (SEN). We pride ourselves in being one of the few performing arts companies offering an environment where individuals with SEN successfully integrate and work effectively with others.

Thank you very much for teaching me drama. I really enjoy it and I always practice the things that we do at drama in my spare time. I have been to lots of different drama clubs but this is the best!


(8 years old) Sheffield

I like drama because we have fun and I love the drama. I like to make plays and direct them.


(7 years olds) Sheffield

I want everyone to come because we have a good time even if you had a bad day. 


(10 years old) Sheffield

A Mind Apart makes me feel better and I get to be whatever I want and I make new friends who I don’t see in school.


(10 years old) Sheffield