At A Mind Apart, working with people of all ages, we have yet to find a cut off age for the benefits of performing arts. Different arts work for different individuals, but there is always something for everybody.
We often talk about the benefits of performing arts for young people. Even at A Mind Apart, we celebrate the benefits of the arts in the development of children and supporting their mental health. However, we also need to always champion the benefits of the arts for adults.
So here is a list of some of the main benefits of continuing to engage with the performing arts into your older years:

1.) It reconnects us with the playfulness of your younger years.

We all remember our earlier days where our imagination was boundless. A walk to school would become a great expedition to a mythical mountain, the garden would become a battle of epic scale, a bedroom would become a cosy store you ran with your siblings. Yet, as we grow older, this fades. The imaginary can be replaced with the real. Real jobs, real adventures, and real lives. The realm of the imaginary is cast aside to the world of media. We watch films, TV shows and plays to find a glimpse of that imaginative play once again.
Yet with performing arts, we can recapture this childlike wonder and remember again what it means to have complete freedom of creativity. Playfulness helps us shed our barriers.

2.) Joining a performing arts community can help counter loneliness in our adult lives.

We hear more and more nowadays about the increasing number of adults who report loneliness or lack of deep connection with the people around them. As we grow older, we lose the everyday communities we come to rely on as a child, such as our school friendship groups and afterschool and evening clubs. These begin to fade away as we grow up and move on to the world of work and responsibility.
The connection between performers when they work together, becoming emotionally vulnerable and expressing ourselves in a space with others, is a great way to rebuild those connections and combat that loneliness.

3.) It gives us the confidence to speak in front of others.

When parents sign their children up to our evening and afterschool classes, one of the main reasons why will often be to help inspire confidence and self-esteem in their children. Yet, we so rarely see adults doing drama for the same reasons. Instead, often our insecurities push us away from taking the brave leap performance.
Yet it is performing arts that can give us the very bravery we need to tackle these challenges. Performing arts are our key as adults to confidence. If we missed out on the opportunity to develop these skills at a younger age, then we can still develop this at a later age.

Performing arts has a unique enriching power that is not restricted by age, ability, gender, race or background. If you can find a safe space with those you trust, the performing arts can be a hugely therapeutic experience that can better us for the future. If you have the means, I can’t recommend it enough.

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