Alena Shares Her First Impressions

I am Alena from the Czech Republic and came to volunteer for A Mind Apart to broaden my views of theatre work with young people. The first thing that surprised me was the wide range of people living in Sheffield, the variety of local culture and livelyness of the place. What A Mind Apart does to enhance the creative opportunities here and to help local students develop their self-esteem was to a large extent new for me. The lifestyle of young people here is very different from Prague, and the alternative approach to their personal development is very different and inspiring to me.

I am ready to immerse myself into the local life as much as I can and have already been to a salsa dance night with Jodie, which was amazing! What I like about socializing here is the openness to new and different people, which I could experience myself during the salsa night as well as in the community centre where A Mind Apart is based. The community centre they are based in helps disabled people integrating them for example when working in the garden or in a cafeteria, so creates a nice atmosphere to work alongside. So far I am very happy that I can learn from the local approach to differences and performing arts which offer opportunities and fun. I am also happy that I started by watching others work and I am also included in a performance and developing myself.