Who says kids never play outside anymore? … Not us!!

We at A Mind Apart Holiday club bring the sunshine with the Burton Street Foundation.

We understand the importance of connecting through technology for our young people but when it comes to our Holiday club our main priority is PLAY in the traditional sense. No technology (maybe some music), plenty of outdoors and lots and lots of play.

Some of our students often need some support when making friends, communicating ideas and negotiating play that is when DRAMA comes to the rescue. Drama teaches communication, negotiation, team work and so much more. We will often deliver techniques that set the students up for successful play during dinnertime such as Character and Imagination work that they can then use as a starting point.outside

At The Burton Street Foundation there are many lovely and safe areas for us to run our sessions or to allow the students be inspired by the surroundings. We also get to meet some of the fabulous clients and staff.

hile at our Holiday Clubs the students get drama and performing arts teaching but also are supported to be imaginative and creative. We really use it as a time to encourage the students to express themselves and be creative in a supportive atmosphere, this allows them to gain in confidence but also feel valued for the ideas they have.

We really use our surroundings as creative starting point, using the gardens and the children’s imagination as our stimulus to create from this teaches them that all they need is what is inside their own minds and encourages them that their ideas are good and worthwhile.

More importantly than all of this we have managed to create some kind of Holiday club magic! IT NEVER RAINS ON A HOLIDAY CLUB DAY!!!!! (Well at least it hasn’t yet)

Looking forward to meeting all the new Holiday clubbers see you next time!!