Home Education

Here at A Mind Apart, we recognise that the traditional forms of education are not the only way to learn and value development. We understand that some families and parents choose to take a different path and educate their children through other learning outside of the system.

In order to support those families and students that have chosen home education or are out of education, we offer programmes and sessions specifically for this cohort, with their creative learning and development in mind. Our sessions are planned and taught by trained drama teachers and we hold over ten years of experience with working with a variety of children and young people. These classes are inclusive and open to all students that are home educated or out of education, to give them a place to make friends, gain confidence, have fun and build resilience.

In all of our teaching, we offer an environment where students can explore new places and stories, and regularly work within a theme and towards short presentations for parents, to see what their children have learnt during their time with us.