International Programmes

International connections and opportunities have always been important to us at A Mind Apart. We believe that by working with and immersing ourselves into new cultures, it is possible to learn more about ourselves as individuals and to grow in ways that are not possible without such experiences. Not only this, but great ideas can be formed when we travel away from our comfortable surroundings. Beginning with a thought whilst walking along the beaches of Brazil, it was whilst being in Recife, that our Founder and Managing Director, Jodie Marshall, was encouraged to believe and dream in the impossible. From the sunny beaches of Brazil back to the snowy seven fields of Sheffield the impossible became possible and our international work was built into the genes of our history. We now develop this international work through a range of international programmes.

Not only do we want to make performing arts accessible and available to everyone across the world, but we want to give everyone the opportunity to be part of an international experience that is unique and special to them. We currently have two key international programmes in these areas; Brazil and our Gap year programme, but we are always open to further opportunities and partnerships.



If today I am where I am, I am who I am, I know that a part of that is A Mind Apart’s work and time and because of that I will be always thankful to¬†all of you!


24 years old, Creating Cultures, EU project

I’ve learnt lots during the time I’ve spent in the UK. I’m very grateful to A Mind Apart, and I’m thankful for this opprotunity they gave me. I am taking back with me, a bag full of experiences.


29 Years old, Creating Cultures EU Project