UK Gap Year Programme

Our UK gap year  programme is open to individuals from all countries (including individuals in other areas of the UK). We offer a professional training ground for individuals wanting to work in community arts and performance, whilst gaining experience in the UK that can be used internationally. During their time with us volunteers work with our children and young people across the company, learning to use a range of techniques including Theatre of the Oppressed, creative teaching and our own methods specific to A Mind Apart.

Our programme gives individuals the opportunity to work with vulnerable children and young people within the UK, whilst having the chance to share their own culture and life experiences with our students. Volunteers will learn how to use Performing Arts effectively to change perceptions in a community and to support individuals in life choices and issues. During their time with us all volunteers receive ongoing training and mentoring whilst also helping to change the life of individual children and young people.

During their time with us, all volunteers are mentored and supported and taught to teach and plan an effective workshop whilst putting the group they are working with first. Experiences include working with our UK staff and, depending on the time of year, may include working with other international volunteers on the programme.

Individuals live with either a member of staff or volunteer of A Mind Apart or a host family linked to the company. The programme offers the opportunity to learn about the UK and Sheffield lifestyle and culture and experience the very varied social and arts events throughout Sheffield and the surrounding areas. Volunteers are given free time to explore the city and the beautiful surrounding countryside such as the Peak District, as well as cities close by including Leeds, Manchester and Nottingham. They also recieve a bus ticket which enables them to have unlimited travel throughout Sheffield during their time here.

Please note that this programme runs like a ‘gap year’ programme and the fees that are paid cover accommodation, training and travel across the city. We aim to keep fees as low as possible, but can not run the programme without charging a small fee to cover the costs of your time with us. In some cases we may be able to recommend organisations that might offer grants to individuals, but this is not guaranteed.

For further information and costs you can contact us on 0114 2321772 or email



Volunteering with A Mind Apart constantly challenged my own teaching habits and attitudes, but to no negative effect. In the end I think I got much more confident as a teacher, can view teaching from broader perspective and also found and developed my own style.


28 Years old, Czech Republic

I’ve learnt lots during the time I’ve spent in the UK. I’m very grateful to A Mind Apart, and I’m thankful for this opprotunity they gave me. I am taking back with me, a bag full of experiences.


29 Years old, Creating Cultures Project