October was Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and our Founder and Managing Director has been speaking out against it.

Last two weeks we have seen Jodie Marshall, A Mind Apart’s Founder and Managing Director, speaking out against Domestic Violence in our local media. The Sheffield Telegraph and The Yorkshire Post published her column on Breaking the Taboo of Domestic Abuse. It was written from her own personal perspective and experiences of when she was in an abusive relationship. We think she did a great job of sharing her story whilst getting us all to think about bringing this topic out into the open.

You can check out the article for yourself on The Sheffield Telegraph website by clicking here

Jodie is working with others in the city using Theatre of the Oppressed and other theatre based techniques to empower women and others to break the taboo of domestic violence. She has also written a series of monologues on this issue and will be working to publish these in the near future.