Celebrating a decade of providing accessible performing arts

We are excited to announce our 10th year as a company. We formed, in 2008, with the aim to provide accessible performing arts, with an emphasis on personal development, self-esteem, and confidence. On 25th April 2018 we held an anniversary party where it brought together all of the stakeholders, students, partners, affiliates and supporters to join us in celebration.

A Mind Apart was initially incorporated 3rd April 2008 by Jodie Marshall. In the following 10 years, we have expanded to utilize performing arts in various ways, including teaching after-school clubs, evening classes and holiday clubs to children and young people, using theatre to support young people and adults with special educational needs, and running adult courses and events.

The team celebrating A Mind Apart turning ten at our celebration

“Over the 10 years, we have successfully worked with over 8000 children and young people throughout Sheffield. It is a privilege to be able to work with so many of them and to use performing arts to encourage them to develop and be creative, whilst supporting those in our alternative education in their school and home life. We plan to continue the work we have been doing and to look towards expanding out alternative education provision, classes, and after-school clubs into other areas of South Yorkshire and beyond”  (Jodie Marshall, A Mind Apart, Founder and Managing Director)

We used the anniversary event as an opportunity to showcase the different services we provide and the talent of our amazing staff and volunteers. During the evening guests and families were entertained by those working for A Mind Apart (all professional and trained performing artists), with performances ranging from singing to improvisation and comedy.  

“I have been a student of A Mind Apart for 9 years and in that time I have seen the company grow but also I have grown with it. A Mind Apart is part of me and everything I know I have learned through the company and training from Jodie.” (Mollie, A Mind Apart Student)

With this anniversary celebration, we are continuing to look forward. Even after 10 years, we continue to bring you new ideas and skills to our services, whilst supporting the ever-growing performing arts talent within the city of Sheffield and beyond.