This year A Mind Apart turns 10!

We are so excited about having our 10th birthday that we wanted to not only celebrate ourselves, but to say some special Happy Birthday’s to some of the children that we work with that will also be turning 10 this year!

Each month we will be celebrating one of our students who has turned 10 in the same month! We will profile each student so that you can celebrate them with us and see the sorts of amazing and talented individuals we get to work with!

For January, we want to say a big


Ossie turned 10 on the 18th of January and has been attending our Monday night class in Sheffield for the last two years. He is a great addition to the class and keeps us all smiling. Ossie doesn’t just do drama as an extra curricula activity, it seems he is a sportsman too. He had his first ever diving competition two weeks ago and won a Gold medal!…. What a way to mark your birthday!

He also won a Gold and Silver medal in a swimming competition before Christmas, and say’s he’d like to be a race mechanic when he’s older.

Before we leave you with some short questions we asked Ossie so that you could get to know him some more, we want to say a BIG Thank You to Ossie for being a part of A Mind Apart and for being generally so amazing! 

Who teaches you at A Mind Apart and what do you like about them?

My teacher is Joe. He is funny and he knows a lot about improvisation and comedy.

What did you do for your birthday and what was your favourite present?

My favourite present was my laptop (which was a joint birthday and Christmas present) and my Pete Mkee print called ‘3 minutes to lift off Mr Stardust’. I went out for a teppanyaki meal on my birthday and I am having a film night and sleep over with my closest friends this weekend for my birthday.

What is your favourite food?

Quorn Fajitas

What do you like to do at the weekends?

Dry land dive training, mountain biking and helping my dad look after his sports car.

What do you really dislike?

Bananas and marmite.

Finish the sentence, I like A Mind Apart because……

…of the shows we have done and the brilliant teachers.

The photos below show Ossie in action performing with his Monday night group over the last two years.