As summer arrives, we are so excited about working with different local festivals and shows coming up. We love all our work with these groups and being able to bring the A Mind Apart ethos to everything we do. Community groups like this, however, are also so important for the communities they work with and the people who attend. Here are just some of the things that make these events so important:

1.) They bring together local communities in a real-world space

This may sound obvious, however, in a modern age where reports of loneliness are continuing to climb. Many turn to the internet and digital connections to help combat this. However, studies have shown that, in fact, local connections do more to help people feel supported. Community events and festivals, therefore, are central hubs for developing real, human connections between individuals amongst the community.

2.) They support local creators and groups in a community

It can often be difficult to start out as a new creator or performance group. The process of building an audience and finding ways to connect with your local community can be difficult and expensive. Smaller, community-based events give opportunities to these smaller groups and individuals to build their following and share their art with a growing audience.

3.) They directly represent the communities that create for them and allow them to express themselves further

Communities expressing themselves openly is key in the development of connection and wellbeing within them. It’s important for members of that community to create a platform for these ideas. Those that take the time to organise and run these events do honorable work, and we are glad to help out where we can.

We are so excited to get involved with events that connect people together. We look forward to seeing members of our community there and to meet future community members as well!

You can find out more about the events we are getting involved in on our Facebook: