We are excited to announce that we will be holding ‘A Night with the Stars: The Alternative Prom’ on the 25th May 2017 at the Burton Street Foundation, Sheffield.

We are running an Alternative Prom to give young people who can’t attend their end of school prom, an alternative night of fun, food, and entertainment. The night will run from 7:00-11:00 in the evening, and will include food and entertainment, complete with music and dancing at the end of the night.

“Many young people cannot attend their school prom for a variety of reasons, and often these reasons are outside of their control.We wanted to create an evening open to those who cannot attend their school’s prom or don’t have a school prom to attend at all. The key aim is to provide an opportunity for anyone to enable them to celebrate the end of their time at secondary school.” (Joe Thompson, Teacher and Event Organiser at A Mind Apart)

The night aims to bring a sparkle of magic to everyone who attends. We are working hard to ensure this evening is something to be remembered, regardless of needs or backgrounds.

“The work A Mind Apart does is about making performing arts accessible to all, irrelevant of needs and background. The prom is in response to our alternative educational provision students telling us that they wished they could attend their school proms when they are in year eleven but not attending school. We regularly organise our own events to help support this provision, so this year our staff wanted to use that experience to plan an event for students in the city who will not have the same opportunity as their peers.” (Jodie Marshall, Managing Director)

The event will be at The Burton Foundation in Hillsborough, Sheffield and tickets are available for £3.50 each.

To buy tickets or support this event contact: joe@a-mind-apart.org.uk / 0114 2321172

Check out where the Alternative Prom will be held.