Professional Development

At A Mind Apart we love to support personal and professional development. Not only do we want to see our own students and staff grow, but we are passionate about working with others to develop and support them in their continuous professional development. Whether it’s working one-to-one with individuals and leaders supporting them through our coaching, mentoring and consultancy; or delivering workshops, training or staff development sessions, we believe in fostering an environment of creativity and innovation. In turn individuals develop, grow and are inspired in both their personal and professional lives.

We believe that individuals should be given the best and most creative opportunities to train and develop professionally, whilst the sectors and industries they work in should be able to benefit from ongoing creativity and innovation. This can be seen throughout all of our professional development programmes, training and tailored support.


Who Do We Work With?

Creative Professionals

We work with creative professionals in a wide range of ways and believe that continuous growth in your art form is critical to your success.

Not only do we offer workshops delivered by a wide range of professionals in the creative sectors, but we also work one-to-one with creatives and artists offering mentoring and coaching to help you to be able to do what you love and still be able to pay the bills.

Teachers and Educators

With over ten years of experience working with primary and secondary and college and university students, we offer a wide range of courses for teachers and education professionals. Focusing on using creativity and specialist arts techniques we exploring how to enhance your teaching, making the arts accessible to students with a wide range of needs.

We offer consultancy, mentoring and coaching to support you to implement creativity into your teaching and can develop a programme to suit the needs of you or your colleagues.

Youth Workers

With years of experience of children’s and youth work, we can develop programs to fit your needs. Whether adding to your tool box of skills or wanting to develop your creativity, we can help you to influence the lives of the young people you work with. We focus on working with you to develop your creativity whilst working around serious issues faced by young people, from offending behaviour to safe relationships. We do this through delivering one off training courses, team training packages or through coaching and mentoring.

Businesses and Organisations

Whether it’s our Improv for Business course or a tailored course to suit your needs, we can help to bring a fresh feel to your training programme.

If you’re a business or organisation leader or manager and need support in your development we also offer consultancy in various areas as well as coaching and mentoring for those needing a little extra support.