Mind Apart is a unique performing arts organisation with over ten years of experience. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to develop themselves creatively, irrelevant of background or age. We work hard to create caring and safe spaces where children, teenagers and adults can learn and develop together and grow in confidence and self-esteem whilst developing their creativity and skills. 

Here at A Mind Apart, we believe that everyone has the right to access the arts and to take part in them however they choose. We design all of our services, whether it’s classes, after school clubs, events and workshops, to be accessible to everyone with mixed abilities and needs. We believe in a world that is accepting and available to everyone and this is reflected in our teaching, training, services and events.

Working closely with professionals and teachers, we offer skills training, support and consultancy in using our tried and tested ways of working. Our team are constantly being innovative and engaged in the theatre, arts and education industry; from consultancy to performing and directing. We offer a wide range of skills to all those we work with, whilst making sure we stay current to the needs of the areas we work in.

It has been said that when you become a part of A Mind Apart, you become part of a big and caring family!

My son has been involved with A Mind Apart for over a year now and all I can say are positive and wonderful things about the people and the program.  My son has learning and behaviour needs, and yet they opened up their program to him, making a place safe for him to learn, explore and be creative.  A Mind Apart has given him a safe place to use his mind and stretch his imagination in a healthy and active way.  He is now more comfortable talking to others and uses things he has learned in his creative play at home.  As for the staff, there isn’t enough good to be said.  The staff is knowledgeable and quite wonderful.  They have gotten to know my son and welcomed him as he is, with his difficulties.  They have been patient and kind, loving and great teachers.  This is a great program and any child involved would come away with the knowledge that their thoughts and ideas really matter.  I value this program highly and think any child would be blessed for taking part in any of their programs.

Cara Jones


Children's University