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We are a unique performing arts organisation with the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to develop themselves creatively, irrelevant of background or age. We work to create caring and safe spaces where children, teenagers and adults can learn and develop together, growing in confidence and self-esteem whilst developing their creativity and skills. The core of our work includes delivering community performing arts classes for all, alternative education opportunities and drama and creative therapy and wellbeing sessions.

Working closely with professionals and teachers, we offer skills training, support and consultancy in using our tried and tested ways of working. Our team are constantly being innovative and engaged in the theatre, arts and education industry; from consultancy to performing and directing. We offer a wide range of skills to all those we work with, whilst making sure we stay current to the needs of the areas we work in.

Focused on improving the lives of those directly in our community through arts and culture, we have a mix of paid services and funded community projects. All our paid for services help us to connect better with those most in need, offering opportunities in performance, education, health and wellbeing and fitness to the communities around us. In taking part in our training or classes, you are helping to support this work and make arts and culture more accessible to all!

Our Values

Creativity and Innovation are Necessary

Our team are constantly being innovative and engaged in the theatre, arts and education industry; from consultancy to performing and directing. This creativity is brought to all those we work with, encouraging students to be innovative in all areas of life.

The Arts Should be Accessible

All of our services are designed to be accessible to everyone with mixed abilities and needs, whether it’s after school clubs, classes, adult workshops, courses or professional training.

Community is Important

A Mind Apart is a community of teachers and students that care for one another and understand what it is to celebrate individuals in a diverse world. We value our parents, students and customers, listening to what they have to say and creating a wider family in the communities we work in.

Support Our Work

Like many arts and cultural organisations, we have been dramatically affected by Covid. Whilst referrals from the most vulnerable children and young people continued, classes and other services had to stop, which meant so did much of our regular income. To help us recover we have launched a crowdfund. If you feel that are able to support our work and donate, please click the button below to be taken to our Local Giving page.

My son has been involved with A Mind Apart for over a year now and all I can say are positive and wonderful things about the people and the program. My son has learning and behaviour needs, and yet they opened up their program to him, making a place safe for him to learn, explore and be creative.  A Mind Apart has given him a safe place to use his mind and stretch his imagination in a healthy and active way.  He is now more comfortable talking to others and uses things he has learned in his creative play at home.  As for the staff, there isn’t enough good to be said.  The staff is knowledgeable and quite wonderful.  They have gotten to know my son and welcomed him as he is, with his difficulties.  They have been patient and kind, loving and great teachers.  This is a great program and any child involved would come away with the knowledge that their thoughts and ideas really matter.  I value this program highly and think any child would be blessed for taking part in any of their programs.

Cara Jones


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