We deliver in-house training focusing around three key areas of our work. With over ten years of experience in these sectors we have a wide range of expertise throughout the company providing innovative and creative training for those wanting to develop and grow in their area. We know that sometimes an in-house course is not enough for your needs. We are able to work with you to create a bespoke package for your setting, making sure that the training needs of those you are leading or working with are  provided for.

Creative Training

Our creative training is aimed at those working within the creative industry and the performing arts. With years of using theatre and performance techniques and teaching them to a wide range of ages and individuals, we offer a range of training courses from Theatre of the Oppressed to Improv and Acting. Whether you want to try something completely new or develop in a specific performance or theatre technique we can support you to do this through our trained and experienced professionals, all fully working within the creative and performing arts industry.

We are also able to offer one-to-one training in some areas such as singing, acting, improv, audition preparation.This is done according to your needs and can be offered on a flexible basis.

Organisation and Business Development

Our Organisation and Development training is designed and delivered to develop individuals and teams with their CPD. We believe in creative solutions that lead to sustainability and in developing the people within the work place to be the best they can be. Our in-house training ranges from professional development opportunities to public speaking training, using creative methods and ideas to build on the foundation already held by the participants.

For organisations and businesses wanting to invest in their full team, we offer bespoke packages that can connect with the wider strategy for training, development and growth. We will work with you to review your training and development needs, before creating training that enables the fostering of confidence, creativity and innovation; all skill we believe the modern organisation or business needs.


Our training courses for education settings use creative approaches to practically take participants through the relevant subject. Appropriate for teachers and individuals working in education settings, our training is underpinned by Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed. We focus on making education and teaching equally accessible to all students offering creative solutions for teachers and educators.

We have been delivering alternative education with vulnerable young people for over ten years and have expertise in working with Special Educational Needs, at risk of sexual exploitation, Looked After Student, English as a Second Language, gang and criminal behaviour and students with mental health issues.

Get Me Trained Up!

The training environment was really good, comfortable and welcoming.


Managing Behaviour Using Creative Techniques Training Course

The training was pitched at an accessible level. The things I already knew were reinforced and developed further to improve my practice. I now feel confident enough to run a session based on Theatre of the Oppressed.


Theatre of the Oppressed Training Course

I would recommend this training to others, it was fun.


Managing Behaviour Using Creative Techniques Training Course